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Unified Transportation Platform 

Shifta - a shift planning platform by TRANZUZ is designed for the companies required for drivers of various types, such as bus drivers for public transport, bus drivers, minibus drivers, truck drivers, and truck drivers.
The platform will be able to plan shifts effectively, recruit drivers on a time-based basis, increase or decrease the volume of drivers in the company according to the current scope of work.

The system will enable the customer to choose the desired drivers on the basis of personal rating, experience or type of license, determine the hours of work, production of invoices for payment and receipt of details of working hours.
The main advantage of the platform is its ability to use the work resource jointly with other companies.
Thus a driver of any kind can work with a variety of companies. We will pay him the wages for his work on the basis of all the hours he worked.

We know how to use human resources efficiently, and to create work shifts according to their preferences.
From a deep familiarity with the field of transportation, many companies around the world use agency drivers because there is a shortage of drivers of all kinds.

Israel alone lacks tens of thousands of drivers and the demand for drivers is enormous.
The platform will allow employees to be hired, classified according to rank, qualifications, seniority, and license type.
The customer will be able to choose the employee that suits him, enter the employee's details and his driver's status, determine the days and hours he asks for the drivers he chose, and the system will create an optimal shift for them.

Drivers will be able to see their shifts, the scores generated by customers or automatically by the system, detailing their monthly work hours, selecting or changing existing shifts or returning them to the existing inventory of shifts in the system.
The shifts for which there is no demand, the system will be processed and try to produce different types of shifts, shorter or longer, at different times or split shifts and thus define what additional benefit will be given to the driver who chooses them. In this way, these shifts will become attractive on the basis of the driver's personal preferences and the history of each driver's shifts.



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News about Shifta

Shifta going to publish Shifta Hotels

This service will allow hotels to offer their guests a free move around a number of points of interest in Tel Aviv, and will begin operating in June 2020
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